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Poster: woolley Date: Jan 24, 2005 1:05am
Forum: naropa Subject: itunes: download problems

Hello, Im using a MAC and am having trouble
1, sometimes the tracks will play sometimes they wont.
2, I cant skip through the tracks; its all or nothing
3, Some tracks will download some wont like the tracks bellow for example. All these problems came from "streaming", I have since tried downloading the tracks as mp3s saving them as quick time files then opening them in itunes, it worked for a bit but now it dosent, maybe I dont know how to use my commputer properly, any advice would be apreciated.
the tracks I have managed to listen to are excellent, thank you very much…

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Poster: woolley Date: Aug 30, 2005 10:34am
Forum: naropa Subject: Re: itunes: download problems solved

I have just noticed that some 500 poeple have looked at this post, probably looking for answers 'bout Itunes. I'll just explain how I eventually did it, maybe it will help.
first of all make sure your computer is updated with the latest free version of Stuffit Expander then, when back at the Internet Archive, use the '64Kbps MP3 ZIP' option on the download page.
this should do it, as it did for me…